Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Setting Up An E.Portfolio

Greetings Bloggers,

Today I am going to be talking about the e.Portfolio I have recently set up for Managing E-Learning. The particular site that I used to set this up goes by the name of Mahara, which was introduced to my through the CQU course ware (Central Queensland University, 2009). I found the instructions to be quite useful in setting up my account but I did hit a snag at first when it came to paying for the account. Although the cost is quite cheap I do not personally own any way of paying for things over the Internet so it took the help of one of my peers to get over that bump in the road.

After viewing the capabilities of Mahara I am of the opinion that it could be of use in a classroom context. The first thought that springs to mind is in a High School setting with regards to students setting up their first resume. I remember when I was a student at school it was difficult to find a format that I could easily understand and could be easily update and I think Mahara could fill this void. Mahara has its own resume building capabilities that I believe would be easy for students to understand.

In a Primary School setting it could be useful as a teaching tool for teachers who wish to show students information over the Internet such as Youtube clips or particular sites without risking exposure to unwelcome findings. Students would be able to visit Mahara, view the appropriate sites and clips and have a decreased chance of stumbling upon information over the Internet that teachers and parents would not want themt to.

These are my thoughts, thank you for your time,

- Alex


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