Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Greetings Bloggers,

During this post I will be talking to you about Quizzes, specifically those created using the ClassMarker website. I chose to create my quiz for an audience outside of the schooling sector, so I created my quiz for a club that I am a committee member of called the Rockhampton Strategy Gamers Association (2009). The quiz was created for forum members to brush up on some of the basic skills of the game that we are a part of, Warhammer 40k. More than likely those of you that read the test will not have a great understanding of what the questions are asking for, but the quiz was created with people that had particular knowledge in mind.

I found the making of the quiz quite an easy and simple process and it was only limited by my knowledge of the subject. There is a wide variety of question types from multiple choice to true and false and although I did not use it in my quiz there is also an option for essay style questions. It seems that in today's society online testing is the way of the future and research is being done to help phase out written testing in favour of online testing (Way, 2006).

The quiz that I have utilised seemed to be an effective method for checking current understandings of the members of my club and I believe that while effective as a formative assessment it could also be quite useful as a summative assessment with the right questions. I would use online quizzes in my classroom for any essential learning as it seemed to be a simple, effective way of testing student's knowledge.

Thank you for your time,

- Alex Ricks


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