Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube and TeacherTube

Greetings Bloggers,

During this post I will be discussing with you the advantages I have found with the site YouTube and TeacherTube. I often use YouTube for personal uses, mainly listening to music and movies, but I have previously used YouTube for educational purposes. My previous encounter was in a Prep class that had a Jungle theme to their learning and the class wanted to learn about how people swing from vines to vines in the jungle. I worked with the teacher and discovered online a clip of Tarzan swinging from vine to vine that I could display to the students on the class Interactive White Board.

In my current class I am teaching a Space unit from the Primary Connections (Australian Goverment Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, n.d.) website about Space. My teacher wants to have the students of the class learn explicitly about the phases of the moon. Looking on TeacherTube I have found a clip about the phases of the moon which I will use as an educational tool to show students both what the moon looks like and the name of each phase. The video itself displays just that, it shows an image of the moon in each of its phases and displays the name that goes with it.

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- Alex Ricks


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  1. Dear Alex

    What a cute clip! Perfect for instilling fascination and knowledge in small kids'. Have you had a look at recording visuals from google earth? FASCINATING and interactive.



  2. That is a great video Alex! Not only will it be engaging for the students, it will also enhance their learning as it contains a good level of educational content which is delivered in an understandable manner.