Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello there Bloggers,

My name's Alex and this is my Blog. This is my very first Blog so bear with me if it's not perfect. I am a 2nd year student at Rockhampton CQU, studying a Bachelor of Learning Management (Early Childhood). I'm going for the three year structure so fingers crossed I finish up next year.

Rocky is my hometown and I grew up here with my Mum and four younger siblings (two brothers and two sisters). I spent a few years working before I began studying and I'm pretty happy with that. I think it's hard to go straight from high school into Uni (a type of school) and then be expected to teach at another school. So the chance for real life experiences is something I'm happy to have.

I am lucky enough to live with my fiancee who is studying Psychology at University and I'm pretty sure this is her last year before she starts her internship (which is pretty cool). I'm not a real huge forum goer or blogger and things like Facebook and Twitter are things I generally avoid so this is all fairly new to me. Interestingly though when I took the Netiquette quizzes I scored quite well on both of them so it seems the small amount of forum using I do and plain, common sense serves me well.

Well I'm sure anyone who starts to frequent this Blog space will start to learn all sorts of interesting things about me and my opinions as I start to look at this Managing E-learning courseware. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Catch you readers around next time, cya all later, I look forward to viewing your Blogs too,


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