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In this post I will be discussing with you my experiences with the Microsoft program PowerPoint and how interaction with my courseware helped to build upon this knowledge. I have a strong knowledge of PowerPoint and I am not too sure of why that is. I have used PowerPoint ever since high school for school projects and I have even used it at university. In fact, last term during my prac my teacher even had me create and teach lessons about PowerPoint presentations for the students. So by a large amount of trial and error and neccessity I have discovered as much as I can about PowerPoint. Although it is only until I have gone through this courseware did I realise how strong my knowledge of it was.

I logged onto the CQU Moodle Pilot (Central Queensland University, 2009) and accessed the PowerPoint courseware. While I did enjoy the humourous layout for the site I was taken to (Act360, 2007), and the langauge was easy to understand and the visuals provided were useful and effective for catering to multiple learning styles, for me, the site treaded over areas I was already familiar with. So while I can see how someone quite new to PowerPoint would find the tutorial useful, I found it only reinforced what I already knew. This does not mean I believe myself to be some sort of expert in the field of PowerPoint presentations of course, it just means that I am a person who does have the basics and even some of the more advanced steps to creating presentations within my abilities.

I was unaware on how prolific PowerPoint was in our modern world though, so it amazed me to hear how it has become such an important tool. So I am glad to see that I do have a strong grasp on the subject and that schools, such as the one I am working with, values PowerPoint and wishes its' students to learn about it.

Well normally in my posts I would give an idea on how PowerPoint can be used in a classroom and the one I leave you with is one I saw recently in a tutorial at University in Learning Managment 4 (EDED 11399 - Learning Management 4) where the lecturer was able to create a quiz using PowerPoint. The presentation had questions which a list of answers which were hyper linked to two different slides, one was if the answer was correcy and one if the answer was wrong. It seemed to be a simple, effective way of creating an interactive quiz without using the Internet.

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- Alex Ricks


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  1. Hello Alex

    Do you have any idea how the lecturer did that? It is a terrific idea that could be used for a whole of class quizz requiring interaction from everyone and the right or wrong answer being available for everyone at the same time. Any hints?