Monday, July 27, 2009


Greetings Bloggers,

During this entry I will talk to you about my experiences with an online program called Flickr (Flickr, 2009). This program is an online site dedicated to photo storage and gives you the opportunities to also display these photos onto other sites and programs such as this Blog. I found it to be an easy to grasp program which I believe is especially important for a classroom setting. As it is easy to grasp I find navigating the site a comfortable experience and I would feel confident in presenting this to a class of students, knowing they too would be capable of grasping this program.

If I was to utilise this in a class setting one of the options available I would like to capitalise on is the sites ability to sort and separate photos quickly and easily. If a class is taking multiple digital photos throughout the year I believe it would be important to have a program such as Flickr for students to quickly and easily upload these photos and sort them into batches. One batch could be for their science unit, one for their art, one for their maths, etc. Because this is an online site these photos do not just have to sit in a folder and do nothing, instead these photos can be shared amongst the class and even the school and students can also post their photos onto a Blog, the possibilities are endless.

Well to conclude this Blog entry I leave you with a photo I uploaded from my computer to Flickr and then, using Flickr, posted onto my Blog. It is a photo of six members of the Rockhampton Strategy Gamers, a club I am a committee member of. These gentlemen have just finished participating in a club event and are now posing graciously for the camera. It took me very little time to post this and it was as simple as finding the file on my computer, uploading it, allowing Flickr access to my Blog and then send it along.

Thank you for reading,

- Alex Ricks


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